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"Contes Brothers removed a 62 ft tree that was over a 100 years old from our back yard. It was in close proximity to the neighbors, but was removed with much caution and expertise. They also took great care in clean up. We were so pleased with their work we defiantly recommend them to our friends and family." -Anita & Tom



"Contes Brothers took down 5 huge pine trees and grinded numerous stumps for us.  They were prompt and professional with their service and did exactly what they said they would, completing the job with extremely quick service and for a price that was definitely the best around.  When finished, our yard was spotless, many neighbors even commented how great of a job the Contes Brothers did with our trees.  We most definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services!" -Jason and Jamie Watkins

Over the years, I have come to realize that some jobs need to be done by professionals. Tree removal is one of them, especially when you have dead 75 foot ash trees that could topple on your home and barn. Finding a "legitimate" reputable tree service isn't easy, but when you have worked with the best, others need to know. Contes brothers do what they promise at a very fair price. I had some trees that even the pros didn't want to cut since they couldn't do it without using a bucket truck since they didn't want to climb them. Some companies only wanted to drop them and burn the branches and leave the hauling and cleanup work for me. Contes brothers main concerns are the safety of your home and property and making you happy at the end of the day. They cut my trees, remove them from my property, shredded the branches and ground the stumps that I requested in our backyard. My wife commented that you wouldn't have known by looking at how well manicured they left our property, that we just had 25 trees removed. They are the best! -Carl B

"On a Saturday evening, we had a storm knock a large branch from our tree onto the power line in front of our home.  Not only was it dangerous because it was resting on the line but it was also hanging over our sidewalk.  That Sunday, the Contes Brothers promptly came and removed the branch from the line and disposed of it all in a timely manner.  I would recommend their work to even my own Mother and I have"   -CaseyB

"The Contes brothers topped off two trees and cut one down last year.  They were terrific. They were so professional, they were punctual and cleaned up after they were done.  We would definitely recommend them.  If you want quality work and very nice guys to come to your house, CALL THE CONTES BROTHERS!!!!  They definitely get 5 stars from my wife and myself." -Fred and Betty Anderson

"Contes Brothers took down a few pine trees in close proximity to our home.  They were very professional and left our yard cleaner than when they started.  They were a pleasure to do business with and would called them back again in the future."


I was extremely impressed with Contes Brothers! They were prompt, courteous and efficient! I highly recommend them!! -Amy M

"I have over the years used several tree service companies. Contes Brothers are superior to any of them. They do excellent work at a fair price with professional concern for the safety of your home and property." -Carl B

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